About Saint Rose Radio

  • "Know that the greatest service that man can offer God is to help convert souls” Saint Rose of Lima


Saint Rose Radio Inc. is a lay operated Catholic apostolate who has partnered with St. Rose of Lima Parish in Murfreesboro TN, to become an EWTN affiliate Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station (WSRR FM 99.3) carrying EWTN English Catholic Radio programming.   At initial start-up, there will not be local programming.  Later, this will be highly considered as there is available good local programming which can be inserted in the broadcast scheduling as deemed appropriate.



President:                    Richard J Richard

Vice President:            Billy Trout

Treasurer:                   John Grubar

Secretary:                    Rob C Thomas


Board of Directors

Richard J Richard

Billy Trout

Deacon John D’Amico (Chaplain and programming director) 

·         Mr. Richard and Mr. Trout are sharing the general operations of the station in addition to being officers and directors.


Committee Chairpersons

Evangelization Chairperson:    Mike Gianquitto

Apologetics Outreach:             Mary Parod

Web Site:                                  Rick Smith (IT and network manager)

Equipment Engineer:                Alton Dellinger (Recording Complex Engineer Middle TN State University Department of Recording Industry)



Fr. Nick Allen:  Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish, Murfreesboro TN.

Catholic Radio Association:  Saint Rose Radio is a member of the CRA, which specializes in promoting Catholic full power and LPFM stations throughout the United States and provides its members technical and other valuable information regarding the radio industry.  The CRA in conjunction with EWTN has a yearly conference.

Stu Nolan: Attorney with Catholic law firm Legal Works; expert in media and FCC compliance.

Gary Brown: Chief Engineer at WMOT and WMTS for Middle TN State University.

John Hettish: Owner/operator of Middle TN Two-Way Inc.; expert in antennae installations and broadcasting equipment in Middle TN.


EWTN: As an affiliate, Saint Rose Radio has access to the technical/engineering experts and programming consultants.



If you have any questions or wish to support this apostolate please contact Richard Richard (615-962-4661) or Billy Trout (615-714-0994) 



What Listeners Are Saying About Catholic Radio. . .

“Thank you to all involved who helped bring our local EWTN Radio affiliate to my area. It has been a joy and pleasure to listen to this station.  I have been so excited that I can’t help telling everyone about it.  I have learned so much from the talk / call-in programs, lectures, homilies, etc., and have spiritually been greatly uplifted by the daily Masses, Stations of the Cross, Rosaries, and Divine Mercy Chaplet devotions.  Thank you so much EWTN Radio for being a priceless vehicle that our Lord uses every day to provide abundant food for the soul.” ….. Patricia - FL


“Thank you so much for your EWTN Radio Network.  I am so blessed hearing the rosary with Mother Angelica and the nuns, as well as Open Line and Catholic Answers.   I wake at 4:00 a.m. local time every morning to listen to EWTN on my shortwave radio and there is no better way for me than to be led into my morning prayers escorted by your powerful and faithful broadcasts.” ….. Sonia - South Africa


“EWTN Radio has had a tremendous impact on our family. All the wonderful programs and devotional prayers we participate in and listen to each day have led to my conversion and my husband's reversion to the faith.  The EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network is listened to in our home every single day.” ….. Monica - CA


“EWTN Radio has been a real blessing in my life and I thank God everyday for the Truth that goes forward from Our Lord’s Network - thank you EWTN and Mother Angelica!” ….. Kathy - NE


“The message of God's infinite love is so profound through EWTN Radio and I cannot express enough of my thanks and gratitude.  Because of listening daily to EWTN Radio, I made my decision to convert to Catholicism and have enrolled in my local Catholic Church’s RCIA program. I simply cannot wait for the day that I am baptized.”              ….. Myra - India


“God used EWTN Radio to help me enter the habit of daily, consistent prayer.  Being able to listen to solid, qualitative Catholic programming during commutes has made a tremendously positive difference in my life.” ….. George – IL


Two years ago I traveled to Guyana, South America on a mission trip with a group out of the Scranton Diocese.  We visited Malachi Hospital and I had the honor of spending the entire afternoon with a gentleman named Christopher.  Christopher, a man in his 50s, had leprosy since he was eleven.  He had no fingers, missing one leg entirely, and the other only to the knee.  Yet, he was a man filled with joy.  He told me the first thing he does when he wakes is turns on his radio to EWTN.  The last thing at night, he turns it off.  When I returned to America, I tuned in to EWTN so I could begin to learn more about my beloved faith and to find the joy known to Christopher. Thank you EWTN Radio & Mother Angelica from Christopher and me.” ….. Margaret - PA


“One day at work while looking for a Christian station, I came across someone laughing. It was Mother Angelica. I began listening, and have counted that accidental finding as a great blessing. Christian programming, which had very little mention of Catholicism at all, did not fulfill me deeply, and your network is simply wonderful. I was raised in a strong Catholic home, educated in the same Catholic grade school both my children now attend, and I am learning so much about my life-saving faith. Thank you!”           ….. Gina - WI


“Thank you EWTN for all you have done for Galilee Radio and may your efforts continue to be blessed by the Dear Lord.  Our listeners truly appreciate your work.  About a month ago, a woman with many personal business and family problems told me that by listening to God through Galilee Radio in the very early hours of the morning, she was saved from committing suicide. Praise the Lord.  As your eternally grateful radio affiliate, our powerful partnership has truly delivered eternal rewards.  God Bless you all.”       ….. Fr. George - TX

Final Note


Saint Rose Radio wants to thank you for your interest in this most worthy Catholic apostolate and know that any support is most appreciated and will be responsibly administered.  Most importantly, please pray for this apostolate and for people to be open to the Truth of our Catholic faith and with the Holy Spirit bring people closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and save souls.








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