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Fr. Baker's Radio Program

Catholic Radio is expanding all across America to evangelize the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ as part of the new evangelization. Here’s what people said in response to a national survey conducted by the Catholic Radio Association about Catholic Radio:


·         “It deepened my love for Christ and the Church. It gives me a more solid footing on why I believe what I believe.”

·         “The main force in my conversion was listening to the Catholic Answers show”

·         “I feel more Catholic. I practice my faith with more conviction. I can now say that I love my Catholic faith.”

·         “It opened my eyes to the beauty of the Catholic faith.”

·         “It is bringing me closer to Christ.”

·         “It deepened my faith.  I learned more about my faith.  It makes me proud to be Catholic!”

·         “Catholic radio helped me save my soul.”


These testimonials are very powerful! There is no denying Catholic radio, working with the Holy Spirit saves souls!  As a fellow Christian, is there anything more important than saving souls?


Will you help Jesus in these ways?


·         Pray for this station and for all to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to the Truth of the Catholic Church.

·         Listen at home, on line and any time you are in the car. Catholic truth is not only for Sundays!!

·         Promote your Catholic faith at zero cost by telling others and requesting a removable car bumper sticker for free. Yes, bumper stickers do save souls!!

·         Support financially this apostolate so it can continue saving souls.


For more information please listen to 99.3 FM, visit our web site,
send us a letter, or contact
Richard Richard 615-962-4661 or Billy Trout 615-714-0994.








How to support Catholic Radio in Murfreesboro

 Saint Rose Radio Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non profit corporation.
All donations are tax deductible.

Via PayPal: Please click the donate button and use the secure donation services of Pay Pal with your credit card or account withdrawal. This can be used for a one-time or a recurring donation.


Via Mail: Please mail your donation to:

Saint Rose Radio WSRR-FM 99.3
PO Box 10326
Murfreesboro TN 37129


In person: Donations can also be given directly to
Richard Richard, Billy Trout, or Deacon John.

If you have any questions or wish to support this apostolate financially, or in any other way, please contact Richard Richard (615-962-4661) or Billy Trout (615-714-0994) 
Your donations to Saint Rose Radio are most appreciated! Every dollar received supports the operation of the station - 100% of your money goes toward 100% solid Catholic teaching, programming, and evangelization.

Saint Rose Radio wants to thank you for your interest in this most worthy Catholic apostolate and know that any support is most appreciated and will be responsibly administered.  Most importantly, please pray for this apostolate and for people to be open to the Truth of our Catholic faith and with the Holy Spirit bring people closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and save souls.


How to change lives and save souls

1. Tell a friend about Saint Rose Radio

2. Place a non-permanent bumper sticker on your car by calling Richard at 615-962-4661.
He will mail you a free bumper sticker.


What People Are Saying About WSRR-FM 99.3


From the Saint Rose of Lima Legion of Mary:

"We will buy my friends from the nursing home and assistant living radios so they can tune in to your station. They are going to be so happy! I know I felt so happy when I heard you today with the sports people giving their live stories with God in their lives. May God continue to bless you! We will be praying for you to reach all souls!"

From Thomas Costa:

"Please continue with EWTN programming. It is a blessing to have solid Catholic radio in the Diocese of Nashville. We will be making a small monthly contribution going forward. May God bless you and all those working to build listenership for St. Rose rado. I hope you have lots of bumper stickers!"

From Maribeth Johnson, A Saint Rose parishioner:

"I am so thankful to have access to Catholic Radio right here in Murfreesboro. It's all I listen to in the car and one of our radios in the house will pick it up. I'm looking forward to being able to get it on my Iphone. Thanks and God bless each of you founders for all your hard work in getting it up and running. It is a blessing to me and prayerfully will be to many others."

From Jeff Laney of Dance Classics, LLC.:

"We are so excited about a Catholic radio station located in our hometown of Murfreesboro, TN. We are a Catholic owned and operated dance studio located in Murfreesboro by the Laney family (Saint Rose parishoners since 2011). We have five children at Saint Rose School and absolutely love Saint Rose! Many of our dance families are Saint Rose families. Personally we feel that Catholic radio has helped us become closer with our faith and you can count on Dance Classics to be fervent supporters of Saint Rose Radio in the future! Thank you for all that you have done to this point getting the station launched."

From Joseph Rankin:

"My donation is in honor of the people whose work, prayers, and determination brought EWTN radio to Rutherford County."
Saint Rose Radio thanks Mr. Rankin for his kind words as it gives us the strength needed to carry on.

Have a comment about Saint Rose Radio? Please email it to saintroseradio@gmail.com.







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